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Does It Make Sense For Your Practice?

DNA - Verified Urine Toxicology offers a unique opportunity for clinicians to improve the standard of care in their practice. Implementing DNA - Verified Urine Toxicology as part of the mediciation monitoring protocol removes any questions about the validity and authenticity of the sample.

For the first time ever, if a patient is circumventing urine drug testing by using a substitute or synthetic urine, the physician will know. This new knowledge enables the physician to intervene and implement a more comprehensive individualized behavorial treatment plan.

You will never have to ask yourself again . . .
"Whose urine is it?"

To read letter from the United States Surgeon General click on letter below.

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By definitively authenticating samples, revealing mislabeling errors and detecting urine sample substitutions, NextGenUDTâ„¢ featuring ToxProtectâ„¢ DNA-Verified Urine Drug Testing (UDT) protects the therapeutic alliance.

Focus on treatment goals - not conflict resolution

Using a quick cheek swab obtained during the urine collection process, the genomic cross-verification behind NextGenUDT featuring ToxProtect quickly and conclusively matches a urine sample to its donor, detecting over 100 controlled substances,
as well as synthetic or substitute human urine.

Whose urine is it?
Know for sure with ToxProtect.

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