About the Author

Joe Honeywell completed his undergraduate education at the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in 1971. He continued his education and received in 1972 a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulsa. While in graduate school he worked part-time as a programmer of a research laboratory and wrote many computer programs for the engineering and geological fields.

As a mechanical engineer, Joe began his career with a wide variety of project opportunities associated with various engineering consulting firms. His projects took him to many foreign and domestic locations and introduced him to diverse challenges in the oil and gas and pipeline industries. Many of these assignments dealt with the design of piping systems, process vessels, instruments and controls and a wide variety of rotating equipment. Those earlier years also included responsibilities as a project manager, construction superintendent and start-up engineer.

Later in his career, Joe was heavily involved with turbo-machinery. He spent several years working for General Electric in their aero-derivative division with assignments in project supervision, systems design, manufacturing, and start-up of power generation plants. The work assignments lead him to many locales, both foreign and domestic.

Later, Joe shifted his career from the engineering to the training of engineers and operators. He was employed by an international training company where he developed courses and conducted engineering seminars all over the world. The training programs related to mechanical systems and included a wide variety of topics including rotating machinery, piping systems, vessel designs as well as advanced topics in project management, flow assurance, equipment reliability and trouble-shooting techniques.

Still active in the industry, he consults for firms involved in the design, procurement, construction and start-up of compressor / pump facilities, pipelines and process plants. Joe is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Registered Professional engineers of Oklahoma and attends many conferences. He continues to write technical articles and conduct training seminars. He can be contacted at joehoneywell@pchpublishing.com.


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