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Useful Engineering Equations

By Joe Honeywell


Engineers are frequently challenged with a variety of technical problems connected to their current project or assignment. Company managers will commonly hand over the problem to a particular engineering discipline to investigate. While the problem may be related to a particular discipline, sufficient knowledge and expertise may be lacking. The problem was most likely studied in a technical school, training seminar or college class curriculum. However, the engineer may find the subject matter has long since faded from memory. The most common solution to the challenge is to pass the problem off to others more informed and experienced. Another solution is to reacquire the needed expertise by reviewing technical material. Engineers often have on hand a variety of text books, technical articles and other reference material for such occasions.

To help streamline the review process of technical material, a compilation of frequently used engineering equations has been gathered and organized herein. The intent of this compilation is to aid engineers with equations, in selected topics, that are frequently used to solve common problems. It does not encompass all engineering disciplines, only a select few. However, this compilation contains most equations frequently used in the selected topics.

The compilation of engineering equations has been divided into six separate topics. Each equation is presented in a format that can be used in either the United States Customary (USC) or International System (SI) units.

List of Compilation Topics

The following are the six selected topics for useful engineering equations:

  Topic Pages
  Useful Pump Equations 2-2
  Useful Centrifugal Compressor Equations 6-9
  Useful Reciprocating Compressor Equations 10-12
  Useful Centrifugal Compressor Test Equations 13-17
  Useful Motor Equations 18-20
  Useful Pipe Hydraulic Equations 21-25


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