"Dedicated to the art of healing through
state-of-the-art DNA technology,
including revolutionary DNA Verified
Urine Toxicology via ToxProtectTM"

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    3.   Why is Urine Toxicology Important?

It assists in diagnostic decision making. It also lets doctors know if their patients are taking prescribed medication as directed, if patients are misusing drugs and/or if non-prescribed drugs are in one's system.

A clinician prescribing drugs must ensure their patients are taking the right amount of prescribed drugs and eliminate the chance of a patient potentially selling or misusing the drugs.

    4.   Why is DNA - Verified Urine Toxicology the best

DNA - Verified Urine Toxicology protects the therapeutic alliance by definitively authenticating samples, revealing mislabeling errors and detecting urine sample substitutions.

OzMed LLC facilitates DNA - Verified Urine Toxicology confirmations via our partnered medical laboratory to clinicians.
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About Us

OzMed LLC is a medical laboratory sales organization with one very simple goal - Helping People. To be successful we first must understand who we are as a company, who we are helping and what we can do every single day to truly make a difference in people's lives.
  1. Let's first start with who we are.
    Who is OzMed?
  2. OzMed LLC was created to be the standard in medical laboratory sales. We strive to be the best in supporting, training and helping our clinicians as well as the entire
    team and partners that work with us.

    Principles, ethics, respect, quality, tansparency, efficiency and being "in-service" to others are all paramount to being
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  3. Now a little bit about what we do.
    What is Urine Toxicology and DNA-Verified Urine Toxicology?
  4. A toxicology test may check for one specific drug or for
    up to 123 different drugs at once. Testing is often done
    on urine and saliva samples instead of blood, because
    urine and saliva tests are usually easier to do than blood
    tests and many drugs show up in either urine or saliva.