DNA - Verified Urine Toxicology

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The Solution

We have created DNA - Verified Urine Toxicology, a proprietary sample processing method that enables incoming urine samples to be positively matched to the donor. Our Account Executives will work directly with you and your practice to ensure you have all of the training and collection supplies you need to get started.

Collecting a DNA-Verified Urine Toxicology sample is non-invasive for the patient and only adds about 30 seconds to the sample collection time. One day after receiving the sample at the laboratory, the physician will receive a quantitative toxicology report accompanied by a "Positive Match" or "Negative Match" result for DNA-Verified Urine Toxicology.

A negative match indicates that the sample does not belong to that patient, while the positive match indicates that the sample does belong to that patient.

DNA-Verified Urine Toxicology is a value-added service that is included at no additional cost to the patient or the provider.

Our Services

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The Problem

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), prescription drug abuse is the most rapidly growing problem in America's War on Drugs. Urine drug testing as always been considered the gold standard to monitor your patient's medications.

Because of this, people have become increasingly creative in finding ways to cheat a drug test. Cheating a urine drug test can take many forms including using someone elses urine, using synthetic urine and chemically modifying the urine.

In many instances, the adulterated urine can pass a validity test, an immunoassay screening and a LC-MS or GC-MS test without being caught.

For Physicians

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